In Top Eleven, we offer Managers an option to send gifts to their friends. If you want to send a jersey or an emblem as a gift, you can do that by going to the Club menu > Inventory. There, you can choose the item you wish to send.

However, note there are certain limitations to this feature:
  • You cannot send the jersey or emblem that you received during your registration;
  • You cannot send jerseys or emblems that you yourself have received as a gift;
  • Official jerseys and emblems can only be gifted if the sender has purchased a number of Tokens throughout their career that is equal or higher than the cost of the Official Item;
  • While in usage, the emblem and jersey can't be sent as a gift.
If you gift an item of value to a friend, please make sure that you select the correct recipient in order to ensure that the item in question gets delivered to the right person.