When cards are issued to a player, they will be effective only for the matches of the respective competition in which the player has received them. For instance, a player receiving a Red card while playing in a CL match, will be kicked out of the current match but also suspended for the next CL match.

In Top Eleven players can get yellow and red cards. Below are some considerable notes:
- The Yellow card serves as a warning for the player who received it. These are shown when players don't play by the rules. A player may get 2 yellow cards per live match. If a player receives 2 yellow cards, they turn into a Red card.
- Cards are effective only towards the competition in which the player got them.
- Cards stay in the player's record until the end of the season.
- Additionally both Red and Yellow penalty cards come in two varieties depending on what competition the upcoming match will be for.

The indication of yellow or red cards next to the player can be full or greyed out:
- Full-Cards: they are valid for the upcoming match, meaning that the player in question has been booked for the competition of the upcoming match.
- Greyed-out cards: they are not valid for the upcoming match. In this case the players have been booked for a competition different than the upcoming match. In other words: if the card is blurred it means that it is NOT valid for the first upcoming match because it was received in a different competition.