If you have watched a video but have not received a reward, it is possible that the video was interrupted at some point. Usually reasons are:
  • Unstable connection on your device/computer
  • Interruption outside of the app (phone call, message)
Videos usually last up to 30 seconds and in order to receive the reward it is important that you watch them from the beginning until the end.
If you have watched the entire video and the connection was stable, it is possible that some other technical issue has resulted in a missing reward. In that case we need to determine which video provider you have used. Bellow you can find list of the providers per platform.

1. Videos on iOS: AdColony, Fyber, ironSource, Tapjoy, UnityAds, Facebook Audience Network
2. Videos on Android: AdColony, Fyber, ironSource, Tapjoy, UnityAds, Facebook Audience Network, AdMob

We are able to investigate the issue only if you know the exact name of the provider or have a screenshot of the video. If you have them, please contact us.

If you do not know the name or do not have the screenshot, we will not be able to provide any assistance.

Please take note of provider names or take a screenshot when watching the video so that we can troubleshoot potential issues effectively.