Starting on March 6, 2024, there will be price adjustments in Top Eleven in order to provide a unified, up-to-date experience and balanced pricing options across regions and platforms. 

In-game prices are subject to change, in accordance with our Terms of Service, and may be updated periodically to reflect economic fluctuations, inflation rates, and payment provider policies, as well as to achieve consistency across platforms and to maintain fair purchase options between and within regions.

As a result of our latest price review, which takes place periodically, we expect certain price increases and reductions across regions/currencies that will align the prices with the following price model in euros:

Price in eurosContent


14 Tokens Shop Package
€5.99 37 Tokens Shop Package
Special Sponsor Premium
Monthly Card
€11.9980 Tokens Shop Package
€17.99Special Sponsor Elite Bundle
€23.99176 Tokens Shop Package
€59.99500 Tokens Shop Package
€119.991031 Tokens Shop Package

The rollout of the expected price adjustments will start on March 6, 2024.

We remain committed to providing the best possible experiences and balanced pricing opportunities to Managers across the globe, and appreciate your continued dedication and support.

Thank you for understanding and playing Top Eleven!