The most important part of being a Manager is to know how to get the best out of your players! 
All hard work on the training ground becomes visible on the pitch when facing fearless opponents.
There are 2 categories of drills, each giving you more control over what you gain from your training session:

- Regular Training Drills primarily boost your players’ attributes, but also contribute to the Teamplay Form. There are now 4 types of regular Training Drills that improve different player skills - Attack, Defence, Possession, and Physical & Mental drills.

With the addition of new Training Drills, the maximum Training Level has been raised to 111! Collect training points from training sessions and unlock training levels to earn new regular Training Drills or upgrade the existing ones.

- Teamplay Drills help you increase Teamplay Form faster, which helps your squad be prepared for matchdays, but they don’t boost players’ attributes. They are consumable and cannot be leveled up by the training progress. These drills come in 3 tiers: Starter, Expert and Ultimate. Higher tiers give considerably more Teamplay, while the ultimate Teamplay drills can also have unique effects.
Watch out for season Events, features, and the Shop section to acquire new Teamplay Drills.

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