Player Academy is a training space designated for improvement of your players in every particular skill, direction or area of the pitch. This training feature is available for all Managers who reached Training level 3. Visit the Player Academy in the Training section and don't miss out on the special Drill sessions, Skill seminars and Training camps that await you throughout the season.

New coaches appear in the Player Academy every two days, with each training lasting for a certain amount of time, defined in the coach cards. Have in mind that players who are training in the Player Academy will not be able to play matches or participate in any team activities, until they finish and return.

A coach can be assigned if your player does not have an expiring contract, is not injured or involved in a trade, is not being sold, unsigned or loaned. Additionally, you can only apply one coach at a time to the same player.

Playstyle points cannot be obtained during training in the Player Academy. Also, a player currently training in the Player Academy will have to finish his training first, before starting an additional one. Last day of the season will not feature any available coaches.