Throughout the Top Eleven season, our Managers can enjoy a variety of events and features that are not only fun but also represent a great opportunity to show off managerial skills. We understand that not having a certain event can sometimes be disappointing, so we listed the most common reasons why this might happen:

- Regardless of the point of the season they appear at, all Top Eleven events are time-limited, meaning they are available only during a certain time period during the season. Each event has a timer stating its duration and is usually available on the event banner, so make sure you check it regularly.

- Don’t forget that a smooth experience in Top Eleven requires a stable Internet connection. Difficulties with network stability can result in some event banners not being displayed properly. If this happens, ensure your connection is back on track and re-login to the game. Additionally, since new events and features are usually available on the latest published game version, make sure Top Eleven is updated.

- Our goal is to constantly work on improving the experience of Top Eleven Managers, which sometimes requires feature testing. This includes releasing events to a smaller subset of players to gather feedback, monitor performance, and optimize before rolling them out to a wider audience. These tests ensure that the events are enjoyable and provide a smooth experience for everyone. While the scope and requirements of any testing depend on the feature, they are conducted with the goal of providing a better experience to all Managers and ensuring fairness.

- Certain events and features such as Football Association, Youth Academy, Player Academy, and others become available to our Managers through game progression. In order to unlock them, you first need to meet the requirements depending on each feature.

- In-game events and features are available to Managers based on different criteria, including previous activity, region, or other. Additionally, to improve and optimize the experience, the start date of certain events might be different for some Managers. In case an event is not available at the moment, make sure to keep an eye on the game regularly, since it can appear at a different point of the season.

- Newly introduced events or features might be slowly rolled out to our Managers, to ensure technical stability and maintain great user experience. For such situations, we kindly thank you for your patience and understanding until the event is being propagated.

Regardless of the reason, we understand that not having the same event or feature as your friend might be frustrating. We appreciate any kind of feedback on the topic coming our way as we continuously work on improving the playing experience for all Managers. Top Eleven is packed with various events that Managers can enjoy throughout the whole season, so keep an eye on the game not to miss them.