Like in real life football, players in the same position can have different playstyles - their trademark that shines in the most crucial moments of a match. From Poachers to Registas, football history is loaded with legendary figures who have helped shape the beautiful game.

In Top Eleven, playstyles unlock a whole new dimension for Managers to make strategic moves and decisions for their team. Some squad members will have potential to unlock a specific playstyle depending on their role and level it up to become specialists in certain tactical settings and situations. Playstyles make another important piece in your tactical puzzle.

Players cannot forget their playstyle or learn different ones. Also, not all players have the potential to develop a playstyle.

Playstyles are divided into 3 main categories - Attacker, Midfielder and Defender. Each of these 3 playstyle categories consist of multiple playstyle types, from Poachers and False Nines in the Attacker category, to Full-backs and Sweeper Keepers in the Defense category.  

The intensity of the effect increases with the playstyle level and it can be advanced by earning playstyle points through training, playing matches or as special rewards. Each playstyle has a total of 4 levels - standard, intermediate, advanced and master. Managers can collect playstyle points to unlock and level up a playstyle individually, for each player who has the playstyle potential.

Higher levels require playstyle boosters to level up. Unlike playstyle points, boosters are universal, which means they can be used to level up a playstyle from any category. These boosters can be earned as special rewards on a seasonal basis.