Performing certain regular in-game actions will help you earn points to unlock the Boost Lab levels. From effective training sessions to bringing new members to your squad, make sure to check your progress regularly and not miss the opportunities to boost your squad even more!

Training sessions

Collective training sessions that increase Training Bonuses generate Boost Lab Points. In order to be eligible for the Boost Lab points, don’t forget to have training sessions that meet the following criteria:
• Attack: At least 4 attacking players.
• Defense: At least 4 defensive players.
• Possession: At least 4 midfield players.
• Condition: At least 8 players.

If the Training Bonuses cannot be increased because they are already maxed out, these training sessions won’t generate Boost Lab Points either.

Acquiring a new player for the team

Generally, acquiring a new player for your squad earns Boost Lab Points:
• Players signed up on any type of Transfer.
• Players earned as rewards. Includes those earned on Boost Lab.
• Players on loan at the moment they are signed up permanently.
• Young players coming from the Youth Academy to the main squad are not included.