If you are experiencing one of the following situations:
  • Don’t have any video available for day(s);
  • Don’t have the same amount of video available as your friends;
  • Don’t have the very same amount of videos available for you every single day.
Please have in mind that these are all expected situations.
Number of videos available may vary on a daily basis and it can happen sometimes that you don’t have access to any video. We can't guarantee that there will be videos available to you at all times.
We understand your team demands resources but please note that no Manager is entitled to have videos available. We advise you to keep visiting the app as videos may be available for you some time in the future. 
In addition to option of getting booster packages directly in the Shop, we'd like to remind you that you can get some free currencies as a daily login gift, a gift from your friends, after a match or your FA tournaments. Also, we constantly tend to innovate the game and include diverse live events where rewards include boosters, so besides having fun and various opponents, you can also get great rewards.