Occasionally some software glitches and bugs may make into the final game.
In that case please check the List of Known Bugs first to see if the bug is already known.
If it is not known, please click on the Contact us button in the top right corner to report the bug by following these steps:
  • In the title briefly describe the bug. For example: “Feature not working properly, App crashing, Loading issue”, etc.
  • In the message body please provide a more in-depth description of the bug and provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. (For example if the application is crashing we would need to know if that is happening when you tap some specific menu items in the game)
  • Please include any videos or screenshots of the bug that might help clarify it.
Important Note: If you are NOT contacting us from the mobile app but from our Support Web Site we will not be able to collect the device data. In this case please provide as well:
1. Your Manager ID
2. Device on which you are playing
3. If applicable: Version of the Top Eleven App and Mobile Operating System version
4. If applicable: Browser version