If you have not received the Tokens after completing an offer, the possible reasons are:
  • You have not met all the requirements mentioned in the offer conditions
  • You have not completed the offer directly from the offer provider’s wall but from another page
  • There is a delay in processing the offer. In some cases Offer Providers might need up to 7 days to process the offer so please be patient before reaching out to them.
If you have fulfilled all the above criteria, first you need to determine which provider you have used. Below you can find a list of the providers per platform. Note that you had to choose one of those before you started completing the offer:

- Token offers on iOS: Fyber, ironSource, Tapjoy, RevU+.
- Token offers on Android: Fyber, ironSource, Tapjoy, RevU+.

Once you determine which provider you have used please reach out to them directly following these instructions:

- Fyber: Click “Support” at the left bottom corner of the offer wall
- ironSource: Click "Missing token" on the bottom of the screen
- TapJoy: Open the menu at the top left corner and then click on "Reward Status"