There is no single recipe for success, but the key to a successful training session is to select a good combination of drills. Test out different drill combinations to find out which combinations work best for your team.

You can customize your training sessions by combining different drills and selecting different groups of players. For example, for defenders you should focus on defense-oriented drills.

Equally, you should also take a look at the key attributes for each of your players. You can view a player's attributes in his profile. Try to select drills that target key attributes. Let's take a look at the following player for example:

Above is the profile of Kristoffer Vognbjerg, with his key attributes highlighted. If you want to maximize the efficiency of Kristoffer's training session, you should select drills that target these attributes.

You can view which skills and attributes each drill improves in its description on the drill selection screen.

To summarize, when running your training sessions you should take into account:

- Player positions
- Player key attributes
- Player condition levels (especially immediately before a match).