For an optimal experience when playing Top Eleven via the Web, we recommend enabling WebGL2 on your Web Browser. Otherwise, the visual and performance aspects of the game might be compromised.
Due to technical limitations, certain Browsers, graphics drivers, and Operating systems might affect the overall experience. Devices with the following characteristics can possibly expose difficulties while running Top Eleven:
- Devices that have graphic drivers older than January 1, 2009, NVIDIA drivers older than 257.21, or ATI/AMD drivers older than 10.6
- Firefox on Windows with an OS older than Windows XP
- Firefox on Mac with an OS older than Mac OS 10.6
- Chrome on Windows with an OS older than Windows 10

If the performance difficulties persist, please try running the game from a different browser or device as it might help resolve the issues. Rest assured, if these steps don’t fix the issue you’re facing, please contact our Support team.