Training is an important part of the management experience in Top Eleven, helping you develop your team to fit your style of football - we always want to make sure your preparation for matches is as tactical and enjoyable as possible. 

We’ve received a lot of suggestions for how we can make your training experience more fun, and are starting to implement several adjustments as of November 28th to make it easier to get your team ready for matchday:

  • Sharpness was adjusted to better reflect all benefits of good training sessions.

  • Achieving Teamplay Form progress has been improved to further reward optimized training sessions.

  • Matchday Coach effects have been doubled - you will gain +100% Teamplay Multiplier by hiring a Matchday Coach.

In addition, bigger tweaks will be arriving with the new season. We’re very keen to keep working together to ensure Training continues to be an exciting part of your Top Eleven management experience.

Changes introduced on December 3rd:

-Variety Intensity factor will now take into account the type of Drill, rather than just intensity. As an example, you will now be able to use 4 Drills of Very Easy intensity to achieve 40/50. 
-Improving Teamplay for steps 10-20 has been adjusted for easier level gains
-Post Match Assistant comments have been tweaked to give more accurate post-match advice.
-Preparation Bar score should more accurately portray the current state of your squad.