Give your training sessions more depth and expand your players’ potential by increasing your Teamplay Form! 

Teamplay Form (previously known as Team Bonuses) represents the club's cohesion and tactical readiness for matchdays.
The Teamplay Form consists of 4 types: Attack, Defence, Possession, and Condition.

Train your squad to increase your Teamplay Form. As soon as your Teamplay Form reaches 10, any additional gains of Teamplay Form will count towards the Excel bar progress. Fill the Excel bar (located below Teamplay Form circles in the Training report) with every training session in order to collect Advancement points. One full Excel bar brings you 1 Advancement point.
These Advancement points can be used to raise the Teamplay Form cap by 2, allowing you to further progress throughout the season and prepare your squad for matchdays even better!
Each of the 4 Teamplay Form caps can be increased from 10, up to 20 during a season, but keep in mind that the caps reset back to 10 each season.

Hit the training ground every day and keep your Teamplay Form at a high level.
Note: To gain Teamplay Form and Sharpness, at least 4 players need to participate in your training session.