A good Manager makes sure that every training session counts and that their team gets the best out of it! The redesigned Training gives you more depth and control over the training sessions. 

The quality of your training setup is displayed as a Session Score, which consists of:
Minimum Required Players - You need at least 4 players in your training session to gain Teamplay Form and Sharpness;
Player Bonus - Depending on the selected drills, there are different player requirements for a higher Player Bonus that can go up to 50. Different types of drills require different roles (e.g. attack drills require more attacking zones - AM/ST);
Intensity Variety Bonus - Each drill carries an intensity that dictates how much condition it will drain. Include drills of varied intensities to increase this bonus up to 50, and increase the Teamplay Form gains from your training session;
Teamplay Multiplier - It represents an addition that helps you gain more from your training sessions.