In Football Camp Fusion, your job is to find the perfect formula for your squad by merging different rewards to level them up, from young players to currency piles.

Start by selecting a Training Center based on the area you want to focus on.

Merge Training Centers of the same level, by dragging them to a single tile. Once developed to at least level 4, the Center is ready to start working and producing Player Items or Equipment bags that can be developed further.

By tapping on the Training Center icon, new items will be produced. Continue by merging items of the same type and level by tapping and dragging an item over the same one to combine them into a single item of a higher level.

Each Training Center’s main purpose is to produce player or currency items once you tap on it. On the other hand, when you merge and max out training items, Training Bags produce new items as well (Training Centers and currencies).

Every Training Center has its capacity. Once that capacity is reached, the Training Centre goes into a temporary cooldown.

Once a day you can claim one player with stars or a currency item of your choice. Please note the option to claim players without stars is not available.