Elite Bundle represents an addition to the Special Sponsor event which gives you an opportunity to:
- Unlock all Regular rewards right away,
- Unlock the Premium Special Sponsor ,
- Get a chance to claim some exclusive rewards. 

Just by unlocking the Elite sponsorship bundle, you can enhance your club’s performance in many ways. Being able to immediately claim the Regular rewards can have multiple benefits for your club, but the chance to enjoy the excitement of completing Special Sponsor tasks and unlocking Premium rewards remains.

Burning motivation

Burning motivation ensures double attribute gain to all your players that were 'On Fire' by the end of an Official match. This means more player progression during a match than ever before. After claiming the reward, Burning motivation will be active for your squad until the end of the season.
Reminder: Official matches are exclusively League, Cup, Champions League, Super League, Super Cup matches

Extreme Training

This reward brings a whole new layer to the existing training sessions, allowing our Managers to prepare their teams for the future challenges better than ever! After unlocking it, this reward gives a possibility for all team bonuses to be raised up to 12%. The effects of this reward last until the end of the season, so make sure not to miss it.

Although the Elite sponsorship bundle can be bought even if you unlock the Premium Special Sponsor first, keep in mind that all rewards can only be claimed once.

Please note that the option to gift Special Sponsor remains available for the Premium version only.