Our Managers' most requested feature is coming to Top Eleven! The 3D Live Matches arrive on Sunday, March 27th.
With live match highlights shown in 3D, you will be able to watch your tactics take shape with beautiful animations and immersive football movements. Feel the excitement of goals hitting the back of the net, ball rolling through different weather conditions, your defenders blocking opposition attacks, and more. With 3D you will get the chance to meet your team in a completely new way. See your free-kick specialist hit the top corner from the edge of the box or your top goalscorer take the header for a last minute win to lead your squad to another trophy.

- Increased variety of match actions.
- Worked on accelerating the team's application of different tactical setups, reducing the time between changes and their impact on team movements.
- Worked on improving the player rating system for a more refined reflection of players’ performances.
- Introduced weather condition representations in 3D Live Match highlights.
- Improved stadium level and pitch pattern visualizations in the 3D environment.
- Added new sound effects for additional football immersion.
- Implemented other smaller changes for an overall better experience.
- Adapted Live Match layout both in 2D and 3D for easier navigation.

Note that all factors important for success in a Top Eleven match will remain the same as up to now. Best of luck on the 3D touchline!