There are two types of FA rewards - rewards after each tournament and division rewards which are rewarded on a seasonal basis.

Division rewards
Staying in the same division earns each Manager 10 rests, 10 morale boosters and treatments while promoting to a higher one earns each Manager 20 rests, 20 morale boosters and 20 treatments. If you get relegated to a lower division, you will receive 5 rests, 5 morale boosters and 5 treatments to help you get back on your feet! At the end of the season, only the current FA members receive the division rewards.

Tournament rewards depend on the division an FA is currently competing in. Higher divisions offer better tournament rewards.

Together with currency rewards, each tournament brings a certain amount of FA points:
1st place brings 120 FA points;
2nd place brings 80 FA points;
3rd place brings 40 FA points; and
4th place brings 20 FA points.