Each Football Association fights for FA Points over the whole season and that’s where FA Points Multipliers play a key role. Every member of the FA will have an FA Points Multiplier that will multiply all their points during the season and determine rewards eligibility. The FA Points Multiplier will be calculated based on the Manager's success in the League in the previous season and will last throughout the current one.
Multipliers and rewards based on the League position from the previous season:

1st to 3rd place - 3x Multiplier, eligible for the tournament rewards,
4th to 8th place - 2x Multiplier, eligible for the tournament rewards,
Below 8th place - 1x Multiplier, not eligible for the tournament rewards.

Example: Multiplier 3x
A win gets 3 points. 3x3 = 9. This member will add 9 points to the FA tally.
Multipliers will be recalculated every season and will last during the current one.

In addition to this, in order to participate in the FA competition, you need to earn promotion in the League at least once in the previous two seasons since the new tournaments started. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the FA competitions until you get promoted again. Disqualified members don't contribute any FA points to their FA and all their matches are counted as 3-0 victories for the opponent.