Weather condition is an important factor in football matches and it inspires Managers to try out different tactics. Each Top Eleven match can have one out of four different weather conditions: Ideal, Rainy, Hot, and Cold. Each affects a match in a different way:

[Ideal weather] Great weather for your players to perform their best!
[Hot weather] Football in the hot weather means that your players will need to push a little bit more. Be careful and ready to make the right substitutions.
[Cold weather] During the cold weather, players tend to be tense. Make sure to check the weather before your match and try to adapt your tactics accordingly.
[Rainy weather] It can be tough to play on the slippery pitch. Try to adjust your tactics and upgrade your Stadium on time so it doesn't get muddy.

Weather conditions are visible on the home screen banner for the upcoming matches, and in Fixtures for all matches during the current season.